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An Italian-American Thanksgiving

Marina Melchionda

What happens in an Italian-American household on Thanksgiving Day? Take my family's case...

Films of My Life with Zadie Smith & Patrick McGrath

Natasha Lardera

The American editions of Le Conversazioni take place in New York in the auditorium of The Morgan Library and Museum. Through the leitmotiv underlying theme of the scenes that make...

Fighting the Mafia with Culture

Natasha Lardera

Lights from the Dark. Mafia and Antimafia: pictures for an inventory, is an itinerant exhibition strongly desired by the Fondazione Italiana per la Legalità e lo Sviluppo "Generale CC Ignazio Milillo" (Italian Foundation for Legality and Development "General of the Carabinieri Army Ignazio Milillo"), composed by pictures referring to key and dramatic mafia-related events and to unforgettable victories of the State against the mafia, that is on view at the Italian Cultural Institute.

BOOK - Antonio Manzini's Pista Nera

Traci Andrighetti

Murder on the Slopes of Val D'Aosta

Global Warming, Cement= Disaster

Judith Harris

As the Italian saying goes, “Piove sul bagnato” (It rains where it’s already a-wash.) And indeed it is, with landslides ploughing through homes and floods sweeping away...

Maurizio Cattelan. Art and provocation

Mila Tenaglia

After the great 2011 retrospective at the Guggenheim, NY, the irreverent works of the artist Maurizio Cattelan are back… This time there are two events: Sotheby’s Auction...

From Assisi. “St. Francis in New York”. For a “ Free, fraternal, harmonious and reconciled humanity”

Letizia Airos

Interview with Friar Carlo Bottero, the keeper of the ‘Canticle of Creatures’ and other precious manuscripts from the XIII and XIV centuries, as well as Papal Bulls pertaining...

Fallout Even Before Napolitano Resigns

Judith Harris

Approaching his ninetieth birthday, President Giorgio Napolitano will neither confirm nor deny reports that he will announce his resignation by the end of the year. But even...

Prepare for N.I.C.E, New Italian Cinema Events

N. L.

N.I.C.E, New Italian Cinema Events is heading back to the US for a new exciting series of contemporary Italian cinema. Year after year, the festival, now its 24th edition, brings...

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