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The USA Pavilion for Expo 2015 Breaks Ground in Milan

Natasha Lardera

On July 16, 2014, Friends of the USA Pavilion Milano 2015 announced several key partnerships during a simultaneous live streaming reception hosted in Washington by U.S. Secretary...

Exploring the Art of Tanning at Arts & Tannery

Natasha Lardera

Arts & Tannery, an exclusive event showcasing Italian leather products of supreme quality, returns to New York City to offer buyers a firsthand look into the latest trends in...

Nibali Wins the 2014 Tour de France: the Sicilian Shark Conquers Paris

Paul Minervini

‘The shark of Messina’, has won the Tour de France after a commanding performance. He is the 7th Italian to win the title after Bottecchia, Bartali, Coppi, Nencini, Gimondi and Pantani.

Costa Concordia Arrives in Genoa

Giulia Madron

After a four-day trip from the Tuscan island of Giglio, the Costa Concordia arrived at the harbor of Genoa where it will be dismatled and demolished.

The Watts Towers in Southern Italy: Connecting California with Irpinia

Laura E. Ruberto

Looking for the future of Sabato Rodia’s Watts Towers in the small town of Serino, in the province of Avellino.

Bill De Blasio: Honorary Citizen in Sant’Agata Dei Goti

Giulia Madron

Mayor of New York Bill De Blasio arrived in Sant’Agata Dei Goti, the hometown of his grandparents, where he received an honorary citizenship. Before the ceremony he and his...

Sizzling Summer for Senate and for Silvio

judith Harris

Giorgio Napolitano has pitted the weight of his presidency and his prestige against the delaying tactics that currently tie the Senate into knots. The introduction of 7,800...

For Israel and Palestine, musical harmony in Tuscany

Judith Harris

For a quarter century the bucolic Tuscan town of La Foce has been the focal point for one of Italy’s many delightful summer festivals of the arts. This week’s festival...

La Dolce Vita of The De Blasios

Giulia Madron

First stop - Rome for Mayor Bill De Blasio. In the Eternal City he met his colleague Ignazio Marino, Minister of Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini and the Vatican Secretary of...

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