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A Small Car for Italian Pride

Our little FIAT 500, designed by Massimo Vignelli was a key player in the Columbus Day parade. Stay tuned on i-ItalyTV for our reportage

Italian Language in New York? Mission possible. Thus speaks Ilaria Costa

Francesca Di Folco

Italian language and Italian culture make an inseparable pair. Ilaria Costa, executive director of the Italian American Committee on Education (IACE), speaks about this and...

The Art of Fotoromanzo on View at Casa Italiana Zerilli Marimo

Natasha Lardera

Io e Calliope, an exhibition by Ileana Florescu, consists of twelve works, each a double page of approximately twelve photographs with word balloons (some in Italian, others in English). Each work represents a fotoromanzo (literally a photo-novel) a popular magazine format born in Italy in the 1940's.

Unmeasurable Picture, an Interdisciplinary Performance of Music, Poetry and Lyrical Imagery

Natasha Lardera

The world-renowned organization La MaMa Experimental Theatre has hosted the Sara Galas Band for the performance of Unmeasurable Picture, a unique piece of theater that aims to...

Marinetti in New York

I. I.

In New York, on Columbus Day, a trailer of the film directed and played by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, “Marinetti a New York,” was shown. Clear in a video on YouTube, in...

Salina at the United Nations: How Italy Made the Small Powerful

Letizia Airos

In the late Nineties, then Italy’s U.N. Ambassador Paolo Fulci—a Sicilian who calls Salina home—united 32 small, insular states to block a Security Council reform that...

Italy of the Little Islands: So Much, in Such a Small Paradise

Eugenio Magnani

Rich in environmental, cultural, and gastronomic diversity, Italy’s many little islands offer tourists unforgettable experiences.

Columbus Day: On Fifth Avenue Italian-American Pride Marches

Riccardo Chioni

The Columbus Citizen Foundation kept their promise of bringing the most spectacular Columbus Day Parade show on Fifth Avenue, especially dressed in red white and green for the...

Italy’s School Daze and the Economy

Judith Harris

The government headed by Premier Matteo Renzi is promoting its school reform plan, which would give jobs to 148,000 new teachers while introducing merit promotions. However, the...

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