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Without - A Short Film about Human Connection

M. T.

Without is a story about solitude and the way it is enhanced by the geographic and psychological isolation of small, marginalized realities and a crowd-funded short movie project....

An Italian Meal with the Cristoforo and Amerigo's Menu

Natasha Lardera

Meet Italian actors Francesco Meola and Danilo Ottaviani and their The Cristoforo & Amerigo's Menu, a collection of poems, songs, comic scenes, both in English and in Italian. All...

Italy’s New President: Judge Sergio Mattarella

Judith Harris
Sergio Mattarella

The twelfth president of the Italian Republic is Sergio Mattarella, 74, constitutional court judge and former cabinet minister. The victory of this former Christian Democrat (DC), who won by 665 votes after only four ballots, brings to a felicitous end a political battle that had presented grave risks. Of 1,008 possible electors (deputies, senators, lifetime senators, regional representatives), 995 took part. The first telegram of congratulations arrived within minutes from Pope Francis.

The Eternal Cinematic City. Fellini, Sorrentino, Rome (Part 2)

Alessandro Pugliese

Examining the influence of Fellini on Sorrentino's film "La Grande Bellezza"

Italy - Presidential Election: Blank Ballots on Day One

On Day One of the election for the twelfth president of Italy, the polling opened in the Chamber of Deputies at 3 pm. Four hours later the vote is still being counted, but...

Erri De Luca and the No TAV: “This Trial is About Words”

Judith Harris

“This trial is about words and, yes, freedom of speech,” prize-winning author Erri De Luca told in a telephone interview. “I am incriminated because of...

Family Drama. What Happens When There is Mental Un-Wellness

George De Stefano

An Off-Broadway revival of Joseph Pintauro's play Snow Orchid inspires a conversation about mental health and immigration at the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute in...

What Therefore [historical forces of emigration] Hath Joined Together, let not [Italian nationals 100 years later] Put Asunder

Anthony Julian Tamburri

As someone who has been teaching a foreign langauge (Italian) since 1972, I am delighted to see the NYC school system will add or expand 40 dual-language programs: Spanish,...

Frappe. Chiacchiere. Let's Try Rosanna's Second Carnevale Treat

Rosanna Di Michele

Whether you call them Chiacchiere, Frappe or Bugie, you are sure to find this typical dessert in every region of Italy during the Carnevale season This is the second of 3 i-Italy...

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