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Verrazzano and the Discovery of Staten Island

Jerry Krase

Given that we are currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of a misspelled bridge I thought an excerpt from my book, "The Staten Island Italian American Experience," briefly...

No Shortcuts, Nor Alternatives

Maurizio Massari*

Italians are seen as “the West’s human face,” by a cultural mentality very suspicious of other Western countries. It might seem a cliché, but it should not be ignored....

Friar Francis. The Founder of Italian Literary Tradition

Stefano Albertini

What makes Friar Francis so Italian is that he is the author of the first poem in the Italian language: The Canticle of Creatures. And for a nation that for about six centuries was only unified by its literature, beingthe founder of its poetic tradition is quite a big deal.

Durum Wheat vs. Soft Wheat Flour

Dino Borri

Learning to distinguish between the different types of flour is important, since not all flours work equally well for making bread and pasta.

Peacemaking in the City

Jerry Krase

The peacemaking services of Francis of Assisi have always been needed in the Big Apple, which presents glaring evidence of inter-group fear, hostility and potential for violence....

HUNGRY FOR LOVE: A Conversation about Food, Cinema & Amore!

Chiara Montalto

Christmas is around the corner, the Holidays are here! What better time to sit down and talk food, cinema and amore with two of my dearest friends, award winning filmmakers and...

N.I.C.E. Awards Antonio Morabito and His Il Venditore di Medicine

Natasha Lardera

N.I.C.E. is committed to showcasing new Italian cinema abroad, but it has also been promoting the City of Florence, the Region of Tuscany, its territory and culture, supporting...

A Language of Acceptance

Anthony Julian Tamburri

In order for Italian Americans to tackle head-on the discourse of race and ethnicity we should abandon the implicitly exclusionary term “tolerance,” which implies something...

Low Turnout, High League Vote Mark Regional Elections

Judith Harris

It was night in Rome’s down-market suburb of Infernetto, and to show that immigrants are unwelcome there, rightwingers fashioned gruesome mannequins clothed all in white, and...

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