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DAIN: A Street Artist With a Tag

Giulia Madron

DAIN, the mysterious street artist from New York, known for his urban portraits of Hollywood celebrities, for the first time brings his exclusive exhibit a “Tribute to Rome”...

The Perfect Summer Pasta

Michele Scicolone

Summer tomatoes, fresh basil, and milky mozzarella are all you need.

For Israel and Palestine, musical harmony in Tuscany

Judith Harris

For a quarter century the bucolic Tuscan town of La Foce has been the focal point for one of Italy’s many delightful summer festivals of the arts. This week’s festival included a performance attuned to better times—the Polyphony Youth Ensemble under the direction of Saleem Ashkar. Even as the Israelis and Palestinians are at war, the young musicians performing Beethoven and Dvorak are both Israelis and Palestinians, and the goal is to help pave a way toward peace. Elsewhere Italians struggle to understand the vicious war on the not very distant opposite side of the Mediterranean, while some fear a revival of anti-semitism.

La Dolce Vita of The De Blasios

Giulia Madron

First stop - Rome for Mayor Bill De Blasio. In the Eternal City he met his colleague Ignazio Marino, Minister of Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini and the Vatican Secretary of...

The USA Pavilion for Expo 2015 Breaks Ground in Milan

Natasha Lardera

On July 16, 2014, Friends of the USA Pavilion Milano 2015 announced several key partnerships during a simultaneous live streaming reception hosted in Washington by U.S. Secretary...

Exploring the Art of Tanning at Arts & Tannery

Natasha Lardera

Arts & Tannery, an exclusive event showcasing Italian leather products of supreme quality, returns to New York City to offer buyers a firsthand look into the latest trends in...

Survival Violin Project: Musical Notes of Memory

Mila Tenaglia

At the Italian Cultural Institute, pianist and composer Giuseppe Devastato, together with the famous Japanese violinist Sumiko Tajihi, performed his latest work dedicated to the...

My Brilliant Friend: Growing Up a Girl in 1950s Naples

Natasha Lardera

Elena Ferrante's novel, My Brilliant Friend,was presented at the Italian Cultural Institute of New York as part of the New York European Book Club, a collaborative project of 7...

Amendment Avalanche Slows Reform of the Evil Twin Senate

Judith Harris

An avalanche of 7,830 amendments is hindering the much promised final vote on reform of the 315-member Italian Senate, due this week but now postponed until August or even later. ...

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