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September, Back to School Daze

Judith Harris

Looking ahead to September, Oscar winner Gabriele Salvatores had compiled a film from 44,000 volunteers which will debut at the Venice Cinema Biennale on Sept. 2, giving a...

Silence is not always golden...

Anthony Julian Tamburri

It remains ever so complexing how horrid and prejudiced commentary from supposed members of mainstream society does not effect any consequences from society at large. Is this an...

Italians in New York, Italians and New York

i. I.

On Wednesday September 3rd, Italian fine art and fashion photographer Alexo Wandael is launching his latest project, ITALIANY at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò

Italy in a Day, the Life of Italians by Gabriele Salvatores

Natasha Lardera

Italy in a Day is Oscar winning director Grabriele Salavtores' latest endeavor. The collective/social film portrays a day, a day only (October 26, 2013), in the life of Italians...

Italy, EU Agree on Sea Rescue Mission

Judith Harris

After Italian sea rescues of almost 72,000 immigrants and its hosting of over 109,000 so far this year, at a cost of almost $12 million a month, the European Union is finally...

Venice, La Serenissima

Charles Scicolone

Food & Wine. Venice is a magical city and full of surprises around every corner

Health Cuisine. Let's Eat Apulian!

Natasha Lardera

Puglia is a region little known to Americans but one well worth discovering for the gourmet traveler. The cuisine is healthy, based on homemade pastas and cheeses, fresh...

Andrew Cuomo: Tribulations and Perhaps Trials

Jerry Krase

Andy, the least lovable Cuomo is in deeper stuff than usual. The New Times reported recently that he “hobbled” investigations by the Commission he established when it got too...

Bringing Futurism to the Stage with Finazzer Flory

Natasha Lardera

A Great Futurist Evening, a monologue directed and performed by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, opened the new season of events and the Italian Cultural Institute. The show, based on...

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