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Visco, Stiglitz, Piketty Agree: Austerity Doesn’t Pay

Judith Harris

The politics of austerity have “slowed down growth and increased the deficit,” Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz told participants at the annual Iea-Isi Strategic...

Bill de Blasio and the Combinatio Nova

Anthony J. Tamburri

With his family of Chirlane, Dante, and Chiara, de Blasio has taken the combinatio nova =one step further in the melding of olive with black, offering up to society what portends...

Interview with Anthony Julian Tamburri, Distinguished Professor

O. C.

Now, effective this past September 1, Anthony Julian Tamburri, Dean of the John D. Calandra Italian American Institute is a CUNY Distinguished Professor. The status is conferred by the City University of New York Board of Trustees in recognition of special scholarship merits and commitment to teaching. Tamburri is Queens College’s 15th distinguished professor, and the first in his department, European Languages and Literatures, to achieve this title.

Migrants: Remembering Oct. 3 and The 360 Lampedusa Dead

Judith Harris

Trevignano is a small town north of Rome with a surprisingly big cinema tradition dating back to the Thirties. This Sept. 25-29 it hosted a five-day festival of documentary and...

Frank G. Fusaro and Angelo Vivolo. Meeting the Leadership of the Columbus Citizens Foundation

O. C.

Two men, descendants of Italian immigrants, with their personal and family experience, their community activity and professional history, as well as their thoughts about their...

A Brief History of Italian Heritage and Culture Month in New York

I. I.

More than three and one half decades of special events, concerts, exhibits, lectures, and proclamations to celebrate and to better inform New York, the largest Italian city...

Welcome to the 38th Annual Celebration of Italian Heritage and Culture Month

Joseph Sciame

A Message from the President/Chairperson to celebrate this special year. Infact the Board of Directors of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee, New York, Inc. has selected...

Ligabue: his Vision and the World Through his Music

Natasha Lardera

Renowned Italian singer, songwriter, film director and author Luciano Ligabue caps a record breaking quarter-century career with his first-ever concert appearances on the American...

Renzi Meets the Italian Community of NYC

N. L.

Despite his pressing calendar, Italy's PM Matteo Renzi found the time to address the Italian community at a presentation held at the Consulate General of Italy that followed a...

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