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Marco Bellocchio: The Fascination of a Filmmaker

Mila Tenaglia and Giulia Madron

In collaboration with Luce Cinecittà Institute, now celebrating its 90th anniversary, the Museum of Modern Art in New York presents the greatest works of Marco Bellocchio, one of...

New Italian Cinema is Returning to NYC Film Society

I. I.

Unveiling the 13th Open Roads: New Italian Cinema Series lineup includes the latest work from established veteran, top award winners, as well as new talent.

Happy Birthday Marcella!!!

Iwona Adamczyk

Marcella Hazan has done to Italian cuisine in America, what Julia Child has done for French cuisine. The celebration of what would have been the ninetieth birthday of Hazan was also a launch and a nationwide fundraised for The Marcella Hazan Scholarship at the ICC, which will provide funding to students at he ICC's Italian Chef Course in the name of the legendary cook.

In Italy's Easter Basket

Judith Harris

Italy's Easter basket is filled with treasures, but they come with problems, and even the basket is fraying. Underlying the problems is, as this reporter has written repeatedly,...

Celebrating The Canonization of Two Popes in New York

Giulia Madron

April 27th at 7 pm at the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. Italy and Poland come together for the celebration of the Popes John XXIII and John Paul II.

Zucchero Fornaciari, “You’ll Be One of a Kind”

Bianca Soria

The origins, the first trip to America, and more. An exclusive interview with the artist before his Americana Tour.

Why MAFIAs? Studying What Many Have Chosen To Ignore

Joseph Sciorra

APRIL 25 & 26 AT THE JOHN D. CALANDRA ITALIAN AMERICAN INSTITUTE. A two-day symposium involving historians and criminologists, sociologists, literary and film critics, as well as...

A Recipe for Di... scovery

Bianca Soria

In 2006 Nancy Campbell, an artist from Saugerties and currently, in New York state, while on a trip in Italy with her husband, decided to pay a visit to the her grandfather’s...

An Interview with Nicky Persico

Traci Andrighetti

Author of the intriguing and informative "smart thriller," Spaghetti Paradiso

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