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A Long Journey in the Italian American Story

Suma Kurien and Gianfranco Norelli

"By understanding how Italians became Americans and what happened to them along the way, we have learned a great deal also about America". "Finding the Mother Lode" documents...

The Legend of Panettone

Natasha Lardera

A slice of panettone and a flute of champagne (or prosecco)… there is no more Italian way to wish a happy holiday season. It’s a ritual in many homes where panettone is a...

Italian President Napolitano polite but Firm: “Dialogue”

Judith Harris

In his customary cordial way, President Giorgio Napolitano read the political elite of Italy the polite equivalent of the riot act. On Tuesday the president made his traditional end-of-year address to the ranking elders of the Italian state, and it obviously represented a carefully considered sermon. He also insinuated that he will end his term of office Jan. 14, after which a new president must be chosen.

The Franciscan Revolution

Gennaro Matino

“He shall be called Francis.” Never before had a name rung with such clarity in the ears of those awaiting word of the new Pope in Saint Peter’s.

Sweets You Can't Refuse

Natasha Lardera

Below you’ll find our fourteen city’s titans of sweetness, dishing out desserts we can’t say no to. From tiramisu to rum baba to millefoglie, each dessert has a hidden link...

Far from Mulberry Street

George De Stefano

"Finding the Mother Lode," a new film by Gianfranco Norelli and Suma Kurien, documents the Italian experience in California The filmakers presented and discussed their latest...

A Christmas Confusion

Judith Harris

‘Twas the notte before Natale, and all through the piazzas Lets' get into the Christmas spirit with this poem. Something different from Italy! Not a macchina was stirring,...

Italy’s Millennial Youth Under the Microscope

Judith Harris

Two new studies are examining under the microscope Italy’s so-called millennial generation, to analyze both their aspirations and the ways they are facing a new globalized world...

The Best Italian Glamour @ the Museum of the Moving Image with LaFondazioneNY

Letizia Airos

Dolce and Gabbana, Baz Luhrmann honored and an emotional tribute to Massimo Vignelli. Intense moments at the third Gala of the New York based foundation that supports culture...

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