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Language. How to Reach Everybody

Mario Fratti

My father Leone knew how to be obeyed. No dialect in my family. I remember him saying: "Mario, you have many good ideas and opinions. They will be lost if only a few people will...

And the Oscar Goes to Milena Canonero

Natasha Lardera

Oscar night is not complete if there isn't at least one Italian winner: and this year the honor went to Costume Designer Milena Canonero, for the costumes of Wes Anderson's The...

Bellissima. Italian Fashion Through the Seasons

Pamela A. Ivinski

In the current exhibition “Bellissima: Italy and High Fashion 1945-1968,” MAXXI demonstrates that the cross-fertilization of fashion with the idioms of high art and cinema can...

The Growing of Anglicisms. Italians “Don’t Really Love Their Language”

Cristina Esmiol

Anglicisms are growing in European languages and Italy is seeing an increasing use of them. Crusca Academy President, Claudio Marazzini, argued about the use of anglicisms among...

La Scuola d’Italia Trustees Elect four Distinguished Leaders to Board

I. I.

New Board members are drawn from law and government, thought leadership, advanced academic and international real estate sectors.

The Clothing of Dreams

Pamela A. Ivinski

Last week, when Milena Canonero won a fourth Academy Award for Best Costume Design for her work on “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” the world’s attention was drawn yet again to...

Il Dolce Suono: Music from Donatello's Florence

Roberta Cutillo

Salon/Sanctuary Concerts offers the New York public the opportunity to “travel” to Medieval Florence, Italy through two extraordinary musical performances featuring an...

Jovanotti Comes Out with New Album Titled "Lorenzo 2015 CC"

Emily Hayes

A new album by Jovanotti. As this title suggests, his love of motorcycling was a source of inspiration. It is the fourteenth album of his career. Part of the album will be...

"Mater, Maternity in Art" Exhibition Explores the Importance of the Maternity Figure

Emily Hayes

An exhibition designed to symbolize a journey through the awareness and understanding of the maternal figure not only biologically, but in cultural, societal, and religious...

Culture: The Real Soul of the Italian Economy

Mila Tenaglia

The Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and of Tourism in visit in New York. Dario Franceschini presented the government plan Art Bonus and the cultural program for Expo...

Battling Corruption and its Costs

Judith Harris

Forty-one years ago Indro Montanelli, that late lamented grand guru of Italian journalism, opined sardonically that what Italy needed was a “Ministry of Scandals” to regulate...

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