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Darrell Fusaro

This Will Make You Happy

Great stuff from the secret journal of a successful artist.

Traci Andrighetti


italicissima features authentic Italian language as it appears in contemporary literature and linguistic-themed interviews with Italy's authors.

Laura E. Ruberto

Raccogli e passa

Dispatches from California.

Charles Scicolone

Wine and Food

Regular contributions by a nationally renowned wine and food consultant, wine educator, and author.

Tom Verso

South of Rome–West of Ellis Island

A blog about American Italianità and its origins in the Mezzogiorno and Sicily.

Annalisa Liuzzo


Stay informed about rapidly changing immigration laws in the US and be prepared for a successful and happy outcome

Daniele Perna

Design Culturati

New York City Designer shares photos, thoughts, and articles. Featuring Special Addition: Interior IQ

Johnny Meatballs DeCarlo

Cugine Corner - The Johnny Meatballs Blog

Italian-American life as seen through the eyes of 30 and over generation, from the unique perspective of New Jersey. Featuring the coming of age tales of the ever evolving Cugine...

Annie Rachele Lanzillotto


I share my work with you. Stories, people I find in the city, songs, videos.

Donna Chirico

White and Ethnic

A central goal of this work to is to come to understand the function of esoteric or transcendent imagination as it relates to personal development, attainment of valued goals, and...

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