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Darrell Fusaro

This Will Make You Happy

Great stuff from the secret journal of a successful artist.

Anthony Julian Tamburri

In the Media

In order for any progress to take place in the intellectual and critical realms of Italian Americana, we cannot simply dismiss ideas with which we do not agree by engaging in...

Johnny Meatballs DeCarlo

Cugine Corner - The Johnny Meatballs Blog

Italian-American life as seen through the eyes of 30 and over generation, from the unique perspective of New Jersey. Featuring the coming of age tales of the ever evolving Cugine...

Laura E. Ruberto

Raccogli e passa

Dispatches from California.

Sara Gironi Carnevale


#whatdasud, nato come progetto di tesi, vuole denunciare, informare e sensibilizzare circa ciò che accade nella cara, vecchia Campania Felix. Lo fa con gli occhi di una...

Charles Scicolone

Wine and Food

Regular contributions by a nationally renowned wine and food consultant, wine educator, and author.

Tom Verso

South of Rome–West of Ellis Island

A blog about American Italianità and its origins in the Mezzogiorno and Sicily.

Dom Serafini

The First Circles

Dom Serafini's view of Italy from the Seraphim's circles. The U.S. is a privileged spot from which to analyze the events that unfold in the land of Dante.

Traci Andrighetti


italicissima features authentic Italian language as it appears in contemporary literature and linguistic-themed interviews with Italy's authors.

Annalisa Liuzzo


Stay informed about rapidly changing immigration laws in the US and be prepared for a successful and happy outcome

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